ED60C Car smart car refrigerator

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Product size 741*409*583
Packing box size 723*459*652
Colour Black+Grey
N.W. 20Kg
G.W. 24Kg
Refrigerant R134a /R600
Evaporator Around the tube
Condenser Fin type
Foaming agent C5H10/C-Pentane
Cooling range -20℃ ∽ +20℃(32°C ambient temperature)
Rated voltage DC 12V/24V
Rated power 55W(±20%)
Noise ≤45dB
Cooling method Compressor refrigeration
Material ABS
Optional function Removable battery
Bluetooth App
Cutting board

1: Suitable for portable transportation such as car driving/outdoor gathering/4×4 off-road/cold chain transportation.

2: The temperature is controlled by a microcomputer control board, which is simple and easy to operate.

3: Adopt inverter compressor for cooling.

4: Three gear battery protection settings.

5: Low noise and high efficiency, enjoy a quiet and comfortable environment.

6: Turn off the power and keep heat preservation and cold storage.

7: Fast and energy-saving cooling modes.

8: 12V/24V/110-240V universal

9: The box body is made of automotive ABS and PP, which is durable, crash-resistant and not easily deformed.  10: Child lock protection switch to prevent misoperation, resulting in loss of the refrigerator without cooling.

11: The design of pulleys and levers makes it easier and more convenient to move.

12: Freezer and refrigeration are stored separately, frozen meat, and also can be refrigerated beverages.

13: A drain valve is designed at the bottom of the box for easy cleaning.

14: APP Bluetooth smart control.

15: Anti-vibration, can tilt 30 degrees to maintain normal work

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